Stanley Cup Finals – Update

Games 2 -0 Detroit Red Wings

Another excellent example of general wisdom prevails. Often do we hear that experience is everything in the playoffs, and it’s especially the case in the finals. The Red Wings have been able to kept the Penguins off the score sheet for two straight games, limiting their shots to 19 in game 1 and 22 in game 2. Scores were 4-0 and 3-0 respectively.

As Penguins captain put it so accurate, it is Penguins inability to execute which cause this breakdown in puck-possession and ultimately scoring. The Penguins’ offense seems weak and at times lost in their game against the Red Wings’ defense. Tight body-check in combination with world-class puck-handling abilities eliminated any chance the Pittsburgh young guns have in any form of come-back. The team looks very different from the one that sweept through their first three rounds of the Eastern Conference. With their confidence slowly leaking away, it will take a lot more than pure skills for the Penguins to bounce back. I guess this is where the experience factor comes in.

Could this be the end of the magnificant run of the Pittsburgh Penguins, or could this just be the background story of a cinderella comeback, we will have to wait and see.

Signing off, Saint Pako of the Hockey Digest.


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