Sedins for Kovalchuk

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Russian Star Winger Ilya Kovalchuk may be heading to Vancouver.

The report suggests that Atlanta GM Don Waddell is in close contact with Mike Gillis, and since both teams were unsuccessful in the signing of UFA in the past week, they are negotiating a swap with the Sedin twins going the other way.

Kovalchuk has openly criticized the lack of success of the Thrashers organization, and demanded that imminent changes be made to the line-up or else he would not consider signing back with Atlanta when his contract expires in 2010.

Ever since the departure of Marian Hossa, Kovalchuk has been voicing his displeasure with the Thrasher’s lack of committment to build for the cup. As for Gillis, he’s been mentioning about the possibility of moving the Sedins ever since he took the GM helm from Nonis. According to this report, the offer was made to Waddell on Sunday, and the two GMs are working out the details to include a defenseman swap into the deal. The guess is Bieska going to Atlanta for a young prospect.

Although it’s questionable who Kovalchuk will be playing with as a Canuck, it’s suggested that the Sedins will be playing with right-winger Colby Armstrong in Atlanta. This deal, if goes through, will silent the critics in Vancouver, as it will surely fits Gillis’ promise of a big bold move.

If this rumor holds any truth, we should be hearing the annoucement really soon, let’s wait and see.

16 thoughts on “Sedins for Kovalchuk

  1. i’m a true die hard canucks fan living in bc canada come october i eat sleep and breath nuck hockey. my only problem with kovalchuk is he strong? the western conference is tough. the northwest div where the canucks are in is the toughest divison in the nhl. true hockey cities. i would be all in favour of getting rid of the sedins sister’s there weak and they can’t defend themselves and there to predictable with there game.

  2. Well Donovan, this is actually what everyone is saying back at, and personally I think that Kovie will need some time to get used to the competitive level in our division. But then again, I think he will enjoy the spotlight for a change, especially after all these years in Atlanta. I think the pressure maybe an incentive for him to step up. Let’s first wait and see if Gillis can make this happen. Cheers, and thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  3. I am hoping that this comes true. We need a Pavel Bure esk player to watch and dream about everynight. The Sedin Sisters tell is very obvious and all the teams know how to defend against it. They started the slap pass but now are stop almost every time. Please let this trade happen.

    My thoughts

  4. Guys, two things about this “rumored” deal. 1) fans in Atlanta will be irate. Kovy has grown as a player and man (he started at 18). He was the de-facto captain last year (not the ill-mannered Holik) and almost singlehandedly won what games the Thrashers did win. 2) Do not worry about his strength. Pound-for-pound he is the strongest and most competitive player on the roster. That deal, even including Bieska, would be seriously one-sided in Vancouver’s favor.

    I may puke just thinking about it.

  5. So they trade the sisters for Kovalchuk. Since that isn’t enough, what else will the Canucks send to Atlanta?

  6. Daniel Sedin has 29 goals and 45 assists…. That’s 74 points last year
    Henrik Sedin has 15 goals and 61 assists… that’s 76 points.

    Kovy has 52 goals (which is good) and 35 assist… that’s 87 points.

    I looked at all the other wingmen that kovy played with.. non of them equaled the 150 points that the twins did. No one made 63 points to help kovy. So you know what.. kovy does rule in goals.. but as a team… those twins can get us where we need to be.

    Both kozy and perrin had around 40-45 points. And todd white had around 35.
    But they are on other lines… and we need that….

    BUT… I LOVE KOVY. Will hate to see him go. He had a good year last year and really makes fans happy when he is on the ice.

  7. To be honest I really like this deal. I’m a die-hard canucks fan, and I really like the Sedins, but the Nux currently lack that player who can swing the momentum of a game completely on his own (well… other than Luongo). While the Sedins are consistent, they are not able to step out and score a clutch goal when we really need it (like Bert/Nazzy/Bmo were able to do) and Kovalchuck will definitely be able to fill that void. If someone Demitra Kovalchuck AND Sundin somehow make it on to the team this season (let’s just say I’m not very optimistic about that happening…) then the Canucks would finally be able to start putting up more than 2 goals a game and give Luongo a little bit of a break! Plus Lu would have a WAY bigger incentive to stay in Van.

  8. Kovalchuk is a game breaker. The sisters score all their points in 2-5 mean nothing games that are already lost. Atlanta would have to be nuts to make this deal.

  9. Dave do you watch hockey? What game breaking games has Kovy scored in… must be all those playoff games he got your team to.

    Bottom line Kovy = Best player in deal… but i would have a huge problem trading 2 solid top 6 players AND A TOP 4 d-man. One player is not a team… and trading this much for one guy gets a NO from this nucks fan.

  10. id honestly love to see this deal….we need a bure like player and we’d look like a stanley cup continder…..theres not one id love to see in a canucks unifrom…..this would be a great deal and id belive in the canucks agian…if gilles can pull this off id luv u and luv what u did with our time

  11. Why do all the idiots on the East coast have such a hard time getting the name of a yound d man right? Its Bieksa, ignorant East coasters.

  12. vancouver is getting totally goatse’d on this deal if Bieska is in it too for a prospect…. this only happens if sundin wakes up from his coma and signs for the 10 mil… once Bieska was added to this rumour i now know its BS…

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