Demitra, Sundin and Sakic.

So, it’s official. Demitra finally signs with Vancouver on a contract for 2 years $8-million. No surprise there, and like I said earlier, the reason why it took so long was basically about the length of the contract, as suggested by Mike Gillis in his press conference, video link here

If Mike Gillis is able to sign Mats Sundin, which some believes might happen within the next 7-10 days (Dave Pratt, CKNW), then the Canucks will have a pretty decent top-six line-up next year.

Demitra – Sundin – Raymond
Sedin – Sedin – Bernier

According to Gillis, it doesn’t seem like any trades are coming soon, as he suggested that teams will need to finalize their cap-space after all the new signings, and will seriously entertain trades come mid-August earliest. Of course, if we are able to sign Sundin, then it would appear that the Canucks don’t have an urgency to make any significant trades to upgrade their top-six. Since the Sedins if used as a second-line role, can easily be considered the best out there, especially with a strong and skilled winger like Bernier.

However, as I often suggest, if a good deal comes along, Gillis would very much like to trade away the Sedins, as he never really thought they were tough or fast enough for his expectations. But who knows, maybe Gillis will be more content with keeping them here, if they are only expect to provide secondary scoring?

What if Sundin doesn’t sign here? Gillis replied to a similar question during his press conference, and his answer was that he might have to bring in another experienced player. I know it’s next to impossible, but I read a proposal in the CDC forum on luring Joe Sakic to sign back with his hometown at the same offers for Sundin. Yes, I realized that Burnaby-Joe has many times said that he wishes to retire as an Avalanche and he’s no mercenary and he said that he “doesn’t need the dough anymore”, but we are talking about $10-million here, and he is near the end of his career, I don’t think he’d mind the extra cash, do you?? I don’t think Colorado will be offering half of that to him. Sakic at 39, are still considered to be physically very fit, and despite only playing 44 games last season, he still manage to get almost a point a game. He scored 36 goals and 64 assisit for 100 point in his last full season in the 2006-2007 season.

For discussion sake, what do you think about Joe Sakic in Canucks line-up?
If he would consider signing here, would you want him or Sundin?

Let’s hear your thoughts!


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