Sedins, Ohlund for Spezza and Heatley.


Should the Sedins be traded??

I know, it’s such an exhausted topic, but at this very moment in the 08/09 season, it’s actually worth looking at. First of all, the Sedins are in their last year’s contract, and although their stock price is quite low at the moment, we should start thinking about this as early as possible if we wish the get to most from trading them.

Gillis has never been a true believer of the Sedins, everyone knows that. But with the Bernier project failing, I think everyone on the team, especially the Sedins are questioning whether they will ever find that 3rd lost twin. The twins are losing confidence, players and coaches are wondering if the problem is really about the finding of the perfect winger or is it about always having to play Henrik along side Daniel.

Unfortunately, time is not our side, and I don’t think we have time to give this experiement another try. With no-way of ensuring both Sedins will sign back with the team at an acceptable price, I think we should move them now. We don’t want them to be the Morrison and Naslund of summer 09.

But where? Where should we trade them to? I’m thinking, since this is merely a blogger’s wish, I will go crazy on this one, so bear with me:

Ottawa Senators
Henrik Sedin
Daniel Sedin
Mattias Ohlund

Vancouver Canucks
Jason Spezza
Dany Heatley

I know, I know, you must be thinking I’m crazy, there’s no way the Sens are willing to trade away their top two forwards to us. But think again, aren’t the Senators in a similiar situation as us, what has their big-3 line-up accomplished so far? Yes, they were decent during the season, but the team again faced another early exit, being swept by the Penguins, during last year’s playoff.

I know both players are doing fine right now, much better than the Sedins. Heatley has 14 pts with 8 goals, and Spezza has 12 pts with 5 goals. But despite their personal accomplishments, the team still sits 11th in the East, 4 spots lower than the Canucks in the tougher West. So what does that tell you??? Be reminded that both players are make 7-million dollar per season, up to 2013!!!!

With up and coming players like Fisher and Vermette, the Sens have the assets to make big changes, and perhaps this is just what they need right now!

So what will they look like after the trade?

D.Sedin – H.Sedin – Alfredsson (All Swedish line)
Foligno – Fisher – Vermette
Schubert – Kelly – Neil

Philips – Ohlund
Kuba – Volchenko
Smith – Picard

Off-loading the 14.5m and adding (Sedins) 7m and (Ohlund) 3.5m, the Sens have an extra 4m cap space to spend, with their current 4.35m space, it adds to 8.35m, which is a decent amount to sign a big name goalie like Khabibulin (6.75m).

Doesn’t the Sens look better already???

As for the Canucks, we will have two big-guns who have great individual stats, playing in front of one of the best goalie in the league can only add to their confidence.

Heatley – Spezza – Demitra
Raymond – Wellwood – Bernier
Burrows – Kesler – Pyatt

Bieska – Salo
Mitchell – Edler
O’Brien – Davison

We don’t look too bad as well. Cap-wise, we lose 10.5m (Sedins + Ohlund) and pick up 14.5m. So an extra 4m, which we can easily afford, with our 7.7m cap space.

So surely, this trade benefits both teams, agree?

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