Second NHL Team in Ontario.


(Edit: 11/10) TSN’s Michael Landsberg just did an interview with Commissioner Gary Bettman in TSN’s Off the Record with regards to a second team in Ontario. In his usual self, Bettman gave an ambiguous response about the possibility. Admitting that there’s a great demand in the market, Bettman shifted responsibilities to the Board of Governors, and shifted focus to the executional details in getting a team there rather than whether the League should contemplate this suggestion. But from what he said, or what he didn’t say, it seems that the chance is very slim for another NHL team in Ontario any time soon.

Here’s the link to their interview.

(Original Post)
A hot topic among NHLPA and the NHL is the possibility for a second team in Ontario. According to a report by the Globe and Mail, this team will be worth $600-million and immediately be the third most valuable team in the entire league, behind the Maples Leafs and Rangers.

I for one really want to see another Canadian team, whether it be in Winnipeg, Quebec City or any city in Ontario. I still remember the great rivalries between the Jets and the Canucks, and also the Nordiques and the Canadiens. I read somewhere that most involved with professional hockey agrees to this, except the Maples Leafs owners (for good reason) and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

If they do decide to add another team in Ontario, I think that London or Hamilton will be an excellent choice. Come to think of it, why don’t they just add the Hamilton Bulldogs into the league???


An interesting site to go if you are a fan for the NHL returning to Winnipeg, I am!!!


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