Vancouver’s Third Jersey


Hi, just a quick one this time. Since this is the year for having Retro jerseys as most team’s third, I personally don’t like the Canucks’ version of it. I think it resembles too much like our home jersey, as I am sure many of you would agree. Although there were some rumors of have a green version of the jersey, with the blue and green reversed, which I think still looks much better than the current one.


Yes, I know it looks very much like the old Whalers’ jersey, but don’t you think that a lot of the teams use similar colors over and over again, it’s getting pretty boring?? I mean it’s either Red+White+Black, or Blue-Orange-White, or Blue-White-Black, it’s sooooo boring. Even the stars dropped the green jerseys for another white jersey. No team is using green, why not us, I thought.

But just last week, the WHL Giants played tribute to the old Vancouver Millionaires with a throw-back jersey which I thought was excellent. I mean if we are talking about traditions, why not the Millionaires (they even have the team photos of the Millionaires in their 3rd jersey launch-video, right?), afterall they are the only Vancouver team to ever won a Stanley Cup. I know the team name is different, but their jersey doesn’t say Millionaires, it only has the word Vancouver. If the Giants can wear them, why not the Canucks. Who knows, maybe it will bring good luck to the team for another run at the cup this year.

I mean, Brown and Biege will look totally awesome with the Canucks, and it is so different from the current third jerseys that it makes sense for fans to buy it. I am guessing not a lot of people who owns a home jersey will buy the third, since they look so much alike.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a short post, so I will just leave with this: imagine Luongo wearing his vintage mask in a Millionaire jersey.


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