It’s finally over!!!!


Wow! Didn’t thought we’d actually land him, but it’s official, Mats Sundin is officially a Canuck.

However, according to J.P. Barry, Sundin’s agent, Mats has only agreed to sign a one-year contract, which assuming he will join the team after the Christmas freeze, will last four months at least, and hopefully five months at best. So the time he will play in Vancouver will actually be shorter than the time we’ve waited for his decision!!!! We shouldn’t assume Sundin will accept an extension to his current contract, in fact it’s very possible that he will end up in New York once they are able to clear up the neccessary cap-space next season.

But, if he is able to deliver what everyone expects him to in the remainder of the season, it still may be well worth the wait.

Now that the drama and the wait is over, what does it really mean?? Is there any cause to celebrate so soon? We still aren’t any closer to the cup, and can one man really means so much to a team?

According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the terms to the contract Sundin signed with the Canucks may have been lower than the prorated amount of the $10-million initial offer, since it is in both Mats and the club’s interest to have a larger CAP cushion to sign another player. And this is where it gets interesting.

Roster-wise, Gillis is equipped to move some players around, and with Sundin here, the time is now. Many believes that signing Sundin is just the first step of many moves to come for Gillis. Will he trade away our prospect for rental top-six players before the trading deadline?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see players like Burrows, Pyatt, Hansen packaged with prospects like Hodgson, Grabner and draft picks for struggling stars of bottom-feeding teams. A hot rumor surfacing since the Sundin announcement is Forsberg’s return to NHL. As a free agent, there’s a very good chance that he will choose to play alongside his long-time buddy Sundin in a Cup-bounding team.


Forsberg recently underwent a foot surgery, which he believes has finally resolved his long-time problems. Optimistically, Forsberg will be able to return to the ice by January, and if he can quickly get back in shape, he will consider signing with an NHL club. Of course, this may be another Sundin-saga all over again. Although Forsberg has strong affiliates with Colorado and their hockey club, with possibly his last chance to play in the NHL, it’s likely that he will consider the likelihood of getting another Stanley Cup before he retires. If he can play alongside a long-time friend like Sundin while getting a run at the cup, maybe it’s enough incentive for him to sign with Vancouver.

Forsberg aside, there are still a number of potential candidates the Canucks can try to acquire or rent. But if Gillis aren’t able to find the perfect deal, staying with the current roster doesn’t look too bad either:




P.S. Let’s hope Luongo returns when Mats join the team.

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