Frolov to Vancouver.


Hi all, back from the Christmas break. Nothing much happened during the Christmas Roster Freeze, heard some rumors, but nothing significant. However it’s very interesting about Helene Elliott’s article in the Los Angeles Times with regarding to the Kings’ search for a goaltender. Here’s the link: Los Angeles Times.

Everyone knows that the Kings are looking for a goaltender. With the way they played in the past thirty something games, they could easily have a winning season so far, if they had some solid goaltending. Since, out of their 15 losses, 4 of them were 1 goal losses, and of the eight games that went into overtime, they’ve only won 2.

Dean Lombardi told the L.A. Times that no solid deals are in placed for their team, hence they are not looking for a goaltender. Of course, that translated from “GM-tongue” means that they are in desperate need of a goalie, just that he couldn’t find any team interested in the offers he’s making.

But who’s expendable? The Kings have some good talents up front, especially down the center. They are a young team which are one or two moves away from being another Chicago Blackhawks or another Philadelphia Flyers. (well, kinda…)

So if a direct trade is not possible, how about a three-way trade??

Boston Bruins
Mattias Ohlund

LA Kings
Manny Fernandez

Vancouver Canucks
Alexander Frolov

First off, the Bruins have been looking to add another puck-moving defenseman; why not trade away their impending UFA-goaltender Fernandez for a Top-ranked impending-UFA defenseman in Ohlund. Tim Thomas is the Bruins’ starting goaltender now, and they don’t need a 4.3-million dollar back-up, especially with good prospect like Tuukka Rask hanging around in Providence. The Bruins are top amongst the Eastern Conference right now, this move may spring them far into the play-off or possibly the cup. So the time for Boston is now!

It’s a no-brainer for the Kings, they get an experienced goaltender in Fernandez with a decent price tag. Manny is still relatively young, 33 is not that bad, may still have a few more years until the goaltender prospects in LA mature. Fernandez has a very good chance to sign back with the Kings next year, since he isn’t happy playing back-up to Thomas anyways. Of course, the kings will have to give up their leading goal scorer in Frolov. On the surface it may sound like a lot, but Frolov’s contract expires next year, and if the team doesn’t turn things around immediately, there’s no way they can sign him back without severely overpaying him. Plus, the Kings are pretty solid up front with players like Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Brown, Stoll, and Handzus…

As for the Canucks, we finally get that finisher we are looking for. Frolov can play alongside the Sedins, and with his scoring touch, this will be a very lethal forward line. However, it will be costly for the Canucks as we will have to part ways with Ohlund. I know with Sundin signing with us, we have a good chance of re-signing Ohlund, but it’s still risky, and balancing the need of forwards with defense, this is a sound move for us.

Sounds like a very possible scenario to me, what do you think??

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