Canucks lost again.

Wow~ it really sucks to be a Canucks fan right now. Can’t really put into words how I feel after watching tonight’s game against the Sharks. The team gave a blue-collar effort maintaining the 1-0 lead into the last minute of the game, until the Sharks score to even things up, and eventually win it in OT.

Watching a game like this feels like deja vu, haven’t I seen this before??? Penalty in OT session AGAIN!!!!!

Wow, 6-games win-less streak during this time of the year is devastating. 2 wins in the last ten games, and 0 for 4 in the last four OT games. Can’t say the guys haven’t tried, Luongo was near-perfect, beaten by two un-saveable goals.

Totally ruin my mood, don’t know if I can bear watching the next game. They just can’t seem to catch a break, can they???

Are changes coming?? Will MG do something soon before the trading deadline?


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