Winds of Change.


Things are going to change after Canucks’ next game at home against the Hurricanes. Not neccesarily for the better though.

Of course, if they pull out a win, it will be their first win in the last 9 games, and things “may” change for the better.

But if they lose, it will be for their tenth consecutive loss, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that Alain Vigneault will be out as head coach of the Canucks. Of course the players are ultimately responsible for winning games, but what has AV done since he took over in Vancouver???

If you can’t win games with one of the best goaltender in the league, a very solid d-corp (when healthy), arguable the best checking-scoring third line, and star-forwards like Mats Sudin, the Sedins and P.Demitra, what good is it for the General Manager???

You can make all the best deals, stack the team up with excellent players without losing prospects. But at the end of the day, you still lose 10 games straight?? What does that tell you?

The time is up, Gillis, we don’t need that extra 1st-line forward you promised, just get us a better coach!!!!


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