Finally…a Win.


Wow, when did it get so hard to pull off a win in Vancouver???

In the past ten games, it feels like no matter what the Canucks did, they can get a win. They can’t hold on for a win with a 2-0 lead into the dying seconds on the third. But today, they finally did it. But still, they wouldn’t give themselves any luxury of an easier period, winning the game by one goal with less than 2 minutes to go in regulation.

Am I the only one who thinks “deja vu” when Eric Stall even the game up in the beginning of the third? We all know inside our hearts that if the game went into OT, the Canucks will for sure have its 10th straight loss.

I mean, the Canucks played a good first period, the Sundin-Demitra-Kesler line really clicked. But comes the second, the momentum still shifted to the Hurricanes, and it could easily be 4-2 by the end of the second if they didn’t have Luongo in net. Sundin also pull through for the guys with his stereotypical Sundin wrap-around to make it a one goal game again.

But the player I wanted to talk about is Alex Burrows, boy, isn’t he awesome short-handed. He has speed, passion, grit and the scoring touch; everything you want in a player. And if he’s not with the Canucks, he could easily be a 40g player amongst any top-line. At 483k cap-hit, he is definitely the best bargin within the entire league. Let’s hope Gillis gives Alex a big raise, and keep him here for a long time.

Despite how I think Alain should go, I must compliment him for separately the energy line tonight. Kesler and Burrows have by-far been the best Canucks, throughtout their recent drought. Even when the team is down, and chances are grim, the two of them wouldn’t stop giving everything out on the ice. By playing Kesler with Sundin and Demitra, I think it sends a clear message to players who are demanding ice time. Playing Burrows on the line with Wellwood and Bernier seems to provide decent secondary scoring, although the line didn’t click for a goal tonight, they have a few decent chances.

Anyways, I think the question on everyone’s mind right now is, so where do we go from here? With 51 games in the bag, the team sits 7th in the Western Conference, one point ahead of eighth-placed Minnesota (which still have two games in their hand), and one point below sixth-placed Dallas (also have two games in their hand). In such a tight race as the West, there are 4 teams which are 1pt behind the Canucks!!!!! A win can move us to the sixth, but a loss can placed us well out of the playoff at 11th place.

So what’s my prediction for the next game against the Hawks??? I think that by Saturday, Canucks will be sitting at the ninth spot, with the Wild moving up to the 7th, the Oilers on the eighth spot. I dont’ think we have what it takes to beat Chicago, so I’m guessing 4-3 Blackhawks. I further predict that coach Vigneault will be fired subsequent to the loss.

I am never good with predictions, let’s hope I am totally wrong this time.


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