It’s a team game.


Just another quicky.

What’s does it tell you when a team with 2 of the best players in the world, sits 10th spot in the conference, 2 out of playoff contention??
Evgeni Malkin, with 76pts in 52 games, has 9 more points than the 3rd placed Alex Ovechkin, and 8 more points than his teammate Sydney Crosby. The two alone, combined for 144 points and 44 goals in 52 games. It’s hard to imagine the Penguins are one point behind the Canucks, which played one fewer game at 51. Is this the post-Stanley-Cup-runner-up drought that so many have talked about?

Or maybe it’s saying that hockey is a team sport, you can’t win games with one or two superstar on your team. Adding Sundin doesn’t immediately make you a playoff team, in fact it often turns out the opposite.

The trading deadline is a month away, and I haven’t heard a lot of rumors surrounding the Canucks this year. Maybe this is for the better, since what they need right now isn’t more talent, but getting the team to play like a team, and simply just play a much better overall game.

I just thought that this is funny, since it doesn’t happen that often when a team with the top and second highest point-getter in the league sits outside of playoff contention.


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