Missing the Playoff.


Hi, It’s not even saturday, and my prediction was correct. The Canucks now sits at the 9th spot, 1 point behind Edmonton.

It’s not looking good. So I thought I should look at the consequences of the Canucks missing the playoff for the second straight year.

[1] First off: AV is out. Maybe much sooner than the end of this season. I predict the 2007 Jack Adams Award winner out of Canucksville this Sunday, right after Canucks’ loss to the almighty Blackhawks on Saturday.

It’s probably not his fault, but he’s going down, he’s going down to Chinatown.

Canucks signs Pat Quinn as head coach, starting his second regime with Vancouver.

[2] Of course, Sundin won’t sign back with the Canucks, and he’s probably just gonna retire.

[3] Gillis won’t be able to keep Ohlund and the Sedins. They will test the open market, Ohlund signs with the Senators, and the Sedins sign with the Kings. (They can afford them, giving both players 7-million each, the Sedins are gonna to love all the hollywood parties!!)

[4] Alex Burrows signs with Montreal at 3-million per season.

[5] Luongo wants to win the cup, and demands trade. MG trades Luongo to Tampa Bay for Lecavalier, Meszaros and 1st round pick in 2009.

[6] Canucks packaged their 6th overall pick of 2009 (we missed the playoff, and was the 6th worst team in the league), 2nd rounder 2009 and first rounder 2010 with Tampa’s 3rd overall pick, plus Ryan Kesler for the 1st overall pick and drafts John Tavares of the Oshawa Generals. The Canucks made headline throughout the hockey world for the biggest-ever offer for moving up 2 position in a draft.

[7] Canucks signs free agents right-winger Marian Gaborik and goaltending Manny Fernandez.

[8] Cody Hodgson has an excellent training camp, and joins the Canucks full time, so does Tavares and Grabner.

[9] Canucks re-signs Wellwood, Pyatt, Ouellet, O’Brien and Labarbera.

The 2010 Canucks line-up looks like this:

Demitra – Lecavalier – Gaborik
Tavares – Hodgson – Grabner
Raymond – Wellwood – Bernier/Hansen
Hordichuk/Pyatt – Johnson – Ouellet

Bieska – Mitchell
Salo – Meszaros
Edler – O’Brien

Fernandez – LaBarbera – Schneider


Not too shabby…
Suddenly, I don’t feel too bad for missing the playoff for the second year.


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