Canucks vs Blues


Updated – Canucks 6 @ Blues 4 (Final)

Wow~ what a game!!!! I was watching the game via P2P Streaming, and the feed stop right after the goal by McDonald. I thought that the game was surely over. So I went to team1040’s live radio, and heard that Burrows somehow tied it (will check back how he did it. [updated] It was a vintage Burrows goal, speeding down the wing and a quick forehand wrister, nice…we need to keep Burrows here, he always steps-up during these moments when the team most need one, clutch-player nice!!! Can you imagine this guy is undrafted????). It was a 4-4 tie late in the third, and Canucks got a break with another powerplay. With 2 seconds left in the powerplay, the Canucks won a key offensive-zone faceoff and Hansen scored to take their first lead. (Our young players are awesome!!!!)

What a turn-around that was. It got more intense when the Blues pulled their goalie with a minute and a half. Sedin missed on two empty-net, and the Blues went back the other way. Then the Canucks cleared the puck and was almost called icing. If it did, the momentum will surely be back of St. Louis side. Fortunately, the Canucks regrouped a bit, and Demitra scored an empty net goal with 20 seconds or so left.

What a scary game, but I must complement the team for the resilience, this was a hard-fought battle, if they had lost this one, the team will be severely deflated entering next game. But now, this game is something AV can build upon. The top line of Sundin-Demitra-Kesler, played like a top-line. This is a game where the Sedins again are off by a bit, and without Sundin’s line, the game would surely go the other way.

They guys were full of energy, although at times they managed to give away the puck way too many times. If they were playing against a powerhouse, the opponents will easily capitalize. Luongo was only decent, especially on the five-hole softie against McDonald. But the defense played a solid game (at least during the time I was able to watch the game).

Good job guys, keep it up againts the Yotes on Thursday. This game showed that there are no easy teams to play against.

Updated – Canucks 3 @ Blues 4 (Third Period)

Wow, two consecutive powerplays gave Canucks a tie, with a superb pass from Demitra for Kesler’s goal. But the hockey gods seem to be on St. Louis side tonight, when Andy McDonald tied the game immediately after with a softie. With less than 10 minutes to go, looks like another loss for the Canucks. Heart-breaking.

Canucks 2 @ Blues 3 (End of Second Period)

Still one period to go, and the Canucks are down one goal. They played a decent second period, but this was mainly Sundin’s game, pulling most of the load with his two goals. What does it say about the competitiveness of the Western Conference, when Canucks desperate for a win can’t seem to find a way to even the score against the worst team in the conference?

One more period to go, can Canucks extends it winning streak to three games?


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