RPM line


RPM – the nickname to the newest-formed first line for the Vancouver Canucks. Like the name suggests, it’s providing the power and energy for the team’s recent three game winning streak.

For those who don’t get it (duh~): R-yan Kesle, P-avol Demita, M-ats Sundin are the members of this line.

A rather strange move by Vigneualt, putting together three centermen (although Demitra plays the wing as well), to form this line. One can imagine the reason for Kesler’s promotion to the top-line being the result of the energy and grit he brings to the team every game. Kesler can easily be the most consistent forward on the ice throughout this season. He doesn’t score a lot of goals, but his presence can surely be felt even when he doesn’t have the puck.

Splitting Kesler away from his long-time wingman Burrows really paid off. Aside from spreading the energy out to two lines instead of one, everyone is finally beginning to see the offensive upside of Kesler, who benefited from the switch to the right wing in the past three games.

Coming from one of the deepest draft in recent history, the 2003 entry draft brought us players like Eric Staal (2), Nathan Horton (3), Nikoli Zherdev (4), Thomas Vanek (5), Dion Phaneuf (9), Andrei Kostitsyn (10), Jeff Carter (11), Dustin Brown (13), Brent Seabrook (14), Zach Parise (17),  Ryan Getzlaf (19), Mike Richards (24), Corey Perry (28), Patrice Bergeron (45), Matt Carle (47), Shea Weber (49), Patrick O’Sullivan (56). 

Drafted at 23rd overall, critics often complain about Canucks’ mistake for not drafting Richards, Perry and especially Bergeron. But I guess right now people will realize that drafting Kesler may not be a mistake afterall.

So how good is the RPM line? 22 points in 3 games for the trio!!! Twenty-two points!!!! I don’t have the stats here, but I think that must be a record or something.

I know, it’s just three games, I know, and I’m not comparing them to the WCE line, just yet!!!

Hey, that’s why I have to write this blog now, before their magic expires.


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