Playoff Started


Updated – Canadiens 2 @ Canucks 4 (Final)

So Burrows’ nice play near the end of the second period to Daniel and then to Henrik for the one timer made it 3-1 Canucks. The RPM-line then made it 4-1 in the third and chased Halak from the goal. Carey Price finally gets to play in front of his home-town crowd during the 10-minute mark of the third. It didn’t really matter as the Canadiens loss this one 4-2, with a late third period goal by Andrei Kostitsyn at 17:33.

All I can say is that spreading Kesler and Burrows acrossed the top two lines totally revived the Canucks. The two have often played on the third line together, but even during the 8-game winless streak, were often the most consistent and energetic players. It’s great that Vigneault rewarded their play by moving both players up the line-up, with Kesler to the first line and Burrows now to play with the Sedins.

I said it during the first intermission that Sedins-Burrows look dangerous, and I think the scoreboard doesn’t do them justice, as this line had a number of excellent shifts, only to be stopped by Halak, who played a great game, despite being pulled in the third period.

I will say this everytime Burrows scores from now on, “Can you imagine this player wasn’t even drafted???!!!” Burrows provided the energy and hunger for the Sedins, who although are very talented can totally disappear in games when they are not into it. Burrows’ speed also help make this line hard to play against, and I think this is where Wellwood or Pyatt lack when they play with the Sedins.

I think the team is becoming more and more confident, with all four lines playing some great hockey. Wellwood’s line despite being kept off the score sheet was great, and so was Hordichuk’s line! I know it’s cliche, but a team like the Canucks tonight is really hard to defend against when all four lines are going to the net.

In fact, I think the Canucks is probably the only team in NHL where you don’t really know which is their top-line, is it the RPM line or the Sedins’ line?? How to you plan your shut-down line if the opponents have 2 top-lines???

Let’s hope the team uses the momentum here and built on another winning streak.

BTW, I didn’t write about the last game against the Dallas, but I think the guys did pretty good that night too, just that Turco probably won that game single-handedly. It’s too bad Luongo is still a bit shaky tonight, the goal on Koivu up close may be hard to stop, but the shot from the point by Kostitsyn may be stoppable if the old Luongo was in net. Still, he did stop Andrei’s break-away in the second, and that one looks unbelievable.

O’Brien’s efforts were shown on the score sheet, but he was great offensively tonight, feeding excellent passes up the ice on both Henrik and Kesler’s goals. I think he’s finally picking his game up, after that silly media outburst a while ago.

Finally, the Canucks didn’t have a single penalty call in this game!!!! Can you imagine that??!! Was I right or was I right?? The Canucks have the ability to win if they can only stay out of the box!!!

Great game guys, we are now 5th in the standings with just this one win!!!!! Wow…this IS crazy~ Looks like the playoff has really started.

Updated – Canadiens 1 @ Canucks 2 (End of First)

The Canucks played a good first, kinda. The came out of the gate storming, and seem very determined to score. Sedins playing with Burrows looks very dangerous, with the first goal scored on a nice pass from Henrik to Daniel, who pull the trigger with Burrows standing in front of netminder Halak.

Second goal by Vancouver from Edler at the blue-line was a one-timer pass from Ohlund. However, right after the 2-0 lead, the Canucks seemed to be sitting on the lead a bit. The end-of-period rushes by the Canadiens and Koivu’s goal may have rejuvenized Montreal for the second period. Bad move!!!! It’s always devastating to give up a late goal like that, and I think Luongo is upset at himself for letting that one in. He really seemed to want a Shut Out for this game, playing against his hometown team.

Something positive is that the Canucks will start off the second period with a powerplay. But I’m having a feeling that will blow this lead…. Aiyayayaya….

Gamenotes – Swaping Places: Vancouver’s netminder Luongo’s hometown is Montreal, whereas Montreal’s netminder Carey Price, who sat out this game, is from BC. Alex Burrows and Steve Bernier are also from Quebec. Other BC boys in Canadien’s lineup includes defensemen Josh Gorges of Kelowna and Ryan O’Byrne of Victoria.


The NHL Playoff started really early this year, it seems like we are in the midst of it as we speak. The Canucks just ended their 4 game win-streak with a loss at Dallas, and suddenly we are in the 9th spot again. Wow~

Another must-win game against the Canadiens, let’s see if our guys can pull this through.


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