Can’t win them all.


[Updated] Canucks 0 @ Canadiens 3 (Final)

That save by Brisebois at the goal line may have sealed it for the Canucks. It’s not their night. Too bad, I think the guys really tried, not to give excuses, but it has been a long road trip. Hold your heads high team. Your work is greatly appreciated.

[Updated] Canucks 0 @ Canadiens 2 (Third Period 10:00)

Another powerplay for the Canucks, it’s make or break time. OMG Halak stops them all again!!!!!! What’s going on man~~~ 31 shots, and no one went in!!!! It’s one of those nights~

[Updated] Canucks 0 @ Canadiens 2 (Third Period 12:00)

Not looking good. The Canucks have a timely power-play, but just can’t seem to form any type of threat. They have got to capitalize if they want any chance of a come back. Halak is just too good for the Canucks right now…deja vu the game against the Stars, who ended their last 4-game winning steak. This is the time when the team needs Burrows the most…I think this will show Gillis the value of Burrows, come contract negotiation time.

Canucks 0 @ Canadiens 2 (End of Second)

I suppose you can’t win them all. Riding on a four game winning streak, the Canucks faces the Canadiens in Montreal. A terrible give-away by Wellwood to Koivu late in the first, Plekanec made no mistake roofing a shot after a nice feed from the Montreal captain. Then with about 6 minutes left in the second period, Burrows took a major penalty and game misconduct for cross checking Brisebois in the face. It was a tough call, but there was blood, so the ref has to call it. I’m not so sure about the rules nowadays, is it an automatic major and game misconduct if there’s blood, of just any kind of penalty, I’m not quite sure.

Anyways, the Canucks did a decent job killing the penalty, but the Canadiens made a great play in front of Luongo with Markow finishing a nice one-timer from an awesome pass. The Canucks still have to kill off the remaining powerplay, because it was a major call. They did a good job with that, and Henrik Sedin had a break-away stealing a pass by Brisebois, Halak playing his best hockey stop that glove-side.

Let’s see if the comeback kids can do something in the third. Fingers crossed.


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