Grabner, Ohlund & 1st for Bouwmeester?


Apparently is suggesting that there’s a rumor for a deal to land Bouwmeester in Vancouver for the price of Grabner, Ohlund and a 1st.

I’d just like to say that this deal doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, at least not for Vancouver. Some argue that Florida won’t like this deal because they are giving away their star UFA for another UFA defenseman. But the thing is, it acutally make sense for the Panthers because they need a good D-man for their fight to get into the playoffs, and Ohlund can provide part of what they miss in J.Bo. Even if Ohlund doesn’t sign with them next season, they’d still have Grabner – a great prospect, and a 1st rounder. No bad for an impending UFA, even if he is one of the best young D-man out there. At least I haven’t heard rumors from other teams resembling anything close to this.

But it doesn’t make any sense for the Canucks at all, simply because there’s no way of knowing if J.Bo will sign back. If Gillis wanted assurance for heading into the playoffs, J.Bo instead of Ohlund isn’t that big of an improvement, as Ohlund gives an extra element of leadership and confidence within the Canucks locker room. And to give up Grabner and another 1st for this is ridiculous. Gillis will be hanged for doing this trade. If the 1st-rounder is conditional, depending on whether J.Bo signs back, then at least it makes some sense.

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