Best signing before trade deadline 2009.


You got it. Perhaps the best signing for the Canucks so far and maybe the only signing prior to this year’s deadline is that of Alex Burrows.

Signed today at 2-million for 4 seasons, the Canucks have finally locked down on a one of their most valuable player. Alex Burrows entering his finally year of contract was to become a Restricted Free Agent by the end of this season. With his tremendous play shown this year, if remained unsigned will probably be receiving various offer sheets in the summer. Therefore I think Gillis did a great job signing him today, and with how the team is playing right now (as I write this, the team is still down 2-1 against the Wild, but they put up a lot of chance during the 2nd period, hopefully they will get a goal soon – fingers crossed.), I think re-signing may even be better than any new signing.

In any case, I think it shows great vision in the management, rewarding a home-grown player with a good contract instead of paying inflated salaries for rentals. Great job Gillis, let’s hope the team responds well to this, I know Burrows did, with his cluth goal let in the first period.

[Updated] Wild 2 @ Canucks 4 (Final)

Wow, what a game for Burrows, eh? I guess I picked the right topic for my post today. Two goals for Canucks win, and the second goal for Burrows means all the difference in confidence during the dying seconds of the third, when the Wild pulled their goalie for six attackers. Not to beat this to death, Burrow’s value to the team is unbelievable. It’s not just about the goals, but the timing when he scores, I think now with the contract settled, we will see definite growth to his play comes playoff and next season.

Turning point for this game is definitely Demitra’s effort during the end of the second period. Coming off a fabulous save on Pavol’s break-away by Backstrom, Demitra regrouped and during his next play he scored the crucial equalizer for the team. With less than 2 minutes the go, the momentum went to the Canucks, and before Backstrom can regain himself after Demitra’s goal, Bernier threw the puck on net can caught the Wild’s goaltender off guard thru his five-hole.

Burrow’s second goal was a nice feed from Henrik, and his deke to the back-hand was another Burrow’s trademark we have come to know so well. It’s was very close for Burrows to earn a hat-trick in his first game with a new contract when he received a pass entering the neutral facing an empty net. He was, however, checked off the puck, and the score remained at 4-2. In any case, Burrows was named the first star of the game, and rightfully so.

Great team effort tonight, and with the Blue Jackets’ win over the Kings tonight, the Canucks remained 4 points ahead of sixth place Columbus. Vancouver will take a few days off, and face the Sharks in GM Place on Saturday.

A final note, again with the way the team played tonight, I honestly don’t think Gillis will do anything big with a few hours left before the deadline.

Wild 2 @ Canucks 1 (End of 2nd Period)

Onto tonight’s game, the team seems to have a lot of energy, but they are facing a top goaltender who’s just received a tremendous contract extension, Backstrom is just stopping all kind of shots, don’t know if the team can get another one.

I hope Luongo isn’t hurt, he looks to be in pain after stopping a slapshot in the second period.


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