The Numbers Game.


3 – the number of goals scored tonight for the win
11 – the number of straight home wins for the Canucks
4 – the number of consecutive 4-game winning streak
4 – the position the Canucks climbed to, in the West, with this win
44 – the number of career shut-out for Luongo
6 – the number of seasonal shut-out for Luongo
85 – the number of points for the team so far
12 – the amount of games remaining before the playoffs
12 – the number of days for the team’s upcoming six-game road trip
16 – the number of wins since Feb.1 for leagues’ best record (16-3-1)
23 – the number of goals for Burrows so far, his career-high
21 – the number of goals Kesler got last season, and this season so far
22 – the amount of ice time for Bieksa, the highest for both teams tonight
27 – the amount of games since Raymond scored his last goal (ouch!)
500 – the amount of games Alain Vigneault coached in the NHL


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