13 Million Dollar Twins.


Just when we are finally receiving dividends on our investment for the second and third overall pick in 1999, the prized possessions of the Canucks are up for contract negotiation this summer. Some say the twins are demanding $6.5-million each, Henrik himself denied this immediately; meanwhile rumor out of the Gillis camp suggests the Canucks placed an offer of $5.5-million each and was rejected.

So how much are the twins worth?? (Bet you wish you get a dollar everytime you hear this eh?)

If you look only at tonight’s game against the Blackhawks in a crucial 4-point game, you will probably think they are worth every penny of a $6.5-million deal. The twins’ combined-six-point game in a 4-0 shut-out victory is impressive on the scoresheet, but the third-period no-look spin-around pass by Henrik to Daniel for a tight-angle goal is just spectacular. Perhaps this is the reason why the twins always have to play on the same line, even during the team’s toughest times, thus handcuffing any coach for top-six line-juggling.

But they lack consistency, critics say. Just look at Daniel’s recent scoring drought which lasted 10 games until his goal during the Dallas game on March 17th. However, Daniel does have 17 points in 14 games played in March. What about Henrik? He’s had at least a point in seven of the last nine games, including 6 goals and 9 assists. Not bad for a “setup guy”.

Henrik so far has 18 goals and 57 assists on the season, making him a point per game player (75 points in 75 games). Daniel has a team-high 30 goals so far with 46 assists, giving him a point ahead of his brother at 76 points. Point-wise, Daniel now sits 15th best in the league, 5th best amongst all Left Wingers: behind only Ovechkin, Parise, Kovalchuk and Elias. Henrik sits 18th best in the league, 10th best amongst Centermen.

In terms of goals, Daniel sits 21st in the league, 11th best amongst Left Wingers.

So it’s not fair to say the Twins aren’t productive, but being real honest, I think they do somewhat fall in the category of being “streaky”.

But they are soft players, some say, even to the point of calling them “The Sisters”. That’s not entirely the case if you look at last Tuesday’s game against the Stars. Daniel caught a stick to his mouth and was down on the ice for a few minutes bleeding heavily. He picked himself up and stayed in the game only to scoring a tying goal. How about tonight’s game? Daniel when challenged by Bolland, stood up for the team and “roughed” it out. Of course, it wasn’t a real fight, or else Daniel would’ve had his first Gordie Howe Hat-trick, but it does show the twins are playing a much more physical game now.

Maybe it’s their new line-mate Alex Burrows slowly having effects on them. But we do see the Twins playing with more energy and passion.

Ask yourself this, is a point-per-game player who has a plus/minus of +22 (second in the team only to D-man Willie Mitchell), 5th best in point-production of all Left Wingers, a 30+ goal scorer, who’s played only for the Canucks his entire 7-years-career worth $6.5-million??

If yes, then ask yourself this. Is it worth another $6.5-million to find a perfect playmaker for your highest-paid winger, who’s had four consecutive +70 points seasons, 10th amongst all NHL Centermen this season, a plus-19 player who’s never missed a single game for the past four seasons??

When Centerman like Chris Drury is making $7-million for his 51 points and a minus-12 in 76 games, or Left Winger like Thomas Vanek making $8-million for 58 points and a minus-2 in 66 games, are the Twins worth $13-million together??

You tell me.


5 thoughts on “13 Million Dollar Twins.

  1. You can find better players that make less money and you can find worse players that make more money. On the free market there are certainly going to be teams that will pay $6.5M each for these guys, so in that sense they are worth the money. But it’s not just about what they’re worth. In a cap system players that take less allow GM’s to field better teams. Is Martin Brodeur worth only $5M a year? You can say it’s only $2M total but that money goes a LONG way in upgrading talent.

    Look at:
    Burrows ($2M) + Kesler ($1.7M) + Demitra ($4M) = $7.7M


    Pyatt ($1.5M) + Wellwood ($1M) + Bernier ($2.5M) = $5M

    How good are the Canucks if the best second line they can afford is the second option? A couple million goes a long way in the cap.

    1. Great comment Mike….(I hope you are just using an alias, or else you should get back to work and stop wasting time reading my stupid blog…you have more important things to do and smarter opinions to listen to…)
      But anyways, yeah I totally agree with what you said. Then I guess it all comes down to communicating with the players and finding a good pitch to make them stay for less. If they don’t buy in to the future you (Gillis) paint for them, then they might-as-well just sign to the highest bidder, right?

      But I think what I’m trying to say is that, despite whether they are willing to take a pay cut, what’s their market worth? Anyways, point taken!

  2. sedins require to be together to perform well.. they cant really play with anyone else..they also aren’t playoff performers just look at their stats.. are they worth 13 mil? you tell me.. id say 5.5 mil

  3. Ok, but those contracts to Drury and Vanek were horrible contracts. Everyone knows it.

    If I was a GM, dealing with an agent who said those contracts set the bar for the market, I’d kick him and the Sedins out right now.

    6.5 is too much for them. Period.

    6.5 means we basically have to fill out our ranks with a bunch of plumbers. And if you’ve been watching the Canucks for the past few years, you’d know why we’re all sick of plumbers.

    Burrows taking a paycut is a great thing, and he’s sticking it in the face of a union who doesn’t care about anything else other than squeezing money out of teams for players (which, by the way, is horrible for the game and the fans).

    That’s why we like Burrows, and anyone else who will take a bit of a discount to stay. Because we hate people who just focus on money and not hockey.

  4. Andy, thanks for the comment, I think what you said is absolutely right, players like Burrows or Kesler are the reason why our team is playing so much better. They are also the reason why we are able to sign Sundin, or whichever free agent we will sign in the off-season.

    However in terms of market value, at this moment we cannot compare Burrows with the Sedins. Maybe after this breakout year and another year of good production, Burrows will get paid like Zetterberg.

    As for 6.5 being too much, I think like the other comment suggests, it will depend on the CAP for next season, and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the talent for the other lines just to sign the Twins back.

    But if you think about it, let’s say we are willing to spend 11-million (5.5M each) to sign two top six forwards, are they any good choices out there who can replace the Sedins??? That’s the problem I guess.

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