Line Juggling.


(Update) Avalanche 3 @ Canucks 0 (Beginning of 3rd)

With 4-on-4, the Canucks didn’t get the right call from the referee on a delay of game penalty from Tucker. Turning the other way around, the Canucks again gave a deadly turn-over within their own zone for another goal by the Avs.

It’s too unbearable to watch. It’s easier if you don’t have expectation, but when your team is supposed to be a cup-contender, an effort such as tonight’s, are just a bit too much.

So that’s all for me tonight, catch me again for the Flames game, which could be quite meaningless if Calgary wins in their next game.

Please…please switch the lines back, AV.

(Updated) Avalanche 2 @ Canucks 0 (End of 2nd)

Seriously, it’s not a problem that the Canucks are down 2-0 against a non-playoff team with a severely depleted line-up. It’s not like this is a life-or-death game for Vancouver. It’s not a big deal that the Canucks have only 11 shots on goal throughout two periods.

It’s okay that Luongo gave up 2 goals on 16 shots, while the Canucks is turning Budaj into a Vezina-candidate. Heck it’s even okay that Genius-Coach Alain Vigneualt gave Kesler and Sundin, perhaps two of our best players playing only close to 9-minutes through 40 minutes of play. But the lack of urgency on the coach’s part to do anything to correct this with less than 20 minutes to go in a what could be a confidence-breaker for the team going forward is unforgiveable.

This game, may turn out to be a turning point for the Canucks’ season. Sadly, they’ve done so well to get to this point.


(Updated) Avalanche 2 @ Canucks 0 (11:20 2nd Period)

Wow, the Avs’ are playing a great game!!! Their reserves roster is playing like an all-star team!!! Not!!!

Yet, up near the mid-way mark of the game, the Canucks didn’t register a single shot of game in the 2nd period. It seems like no one wants to play this game from the Canucks. Lousy turn-overs coupled with blue-line point shots provided zero threat to Budaj, the Avs goaltender.

Wow, this is perhaps the worst period I’ve seen the Canucks played for a very very long time. Great job AV!!! AV for Jack Adams this year!

Avalanche 1 @ Canucks 0 [End of 1st]

How dangerous is it to juggle your successful line-up with 4 games remaining in the season?

As a result of a tragic death to Taylor Pyatt’s fiance, Alain Vigneualt juggled his line-up for the Oiler’s game on Saturday and again during tonight’s game against the Colorado Avalanche. Moving Demitra off the RPM line into the third with Hanser and Wellwood, and moving Bernier to the fourth line with Rypien and Johnson proved unsuccessful so far in the first period of the game.

Playing against a severely depleted line-up Avalanche team, the Canucks have a huge advantage in experience and skills. However, by the end of the first period, the Canucks are down by a goal due to the result of a terrible defense breakdown. The team is playing terribly in every aspect, players are chasing the puck, and seemed out of breath and out of sync. The Canucks are playing to the level of the Avalanche, and that is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

Is this how you want to end your regular season, entering the playoff win-less against bad teams such as Colorado??

Not to point finger, but AV is the one to blame!!! He is playing a dangerous game here, breaking up the very successful line-up of RPM and Sedin-Burrows. And for what?? Is it because Pyatt is out of the line-up, or is he trying to test different line-combinations this late in the season??? Why is he doing this??? Does he think that there’s a better line-up than the one which brought the team from 3-spots out of playoff contention to first in the division within 2 months???

Players are tired, they are anxious about the playoffs, and now maybe even distracted by the tragic incident of Pyatt’s fiance. Do you really want them to question their confidence right now???

If the Canucks doesn’t make it through the first round of the playoff this season, Vigneualt is definitely the one to blame.


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