Giguere out of Anaheim?


It doesn’t take a genius to know that J.S. Giguere’s time in Anaheim is up, ever since rookie goaltender Jonas Hiller took over the start-up job during the playoffs.

Why pay $6-million per season for a back-up goaltender, right?

Well, how about Jose Theodore?? Varlamov’s excellent play has surely deemed Theodore expendable, where’s Theodore going, Eklund?

So it’s suffice to say that our friends at isn’t being too creative in starting their early off-season rumors. But the problem with saying Philly or Toronto are front-runners for Giguere this time of the year makes this rumor highly improbable. The playoff is not even over, and most teams out of the playoff are thinking about their cap-space for re-signing their free agents, I don’t think a lot of GMs are drooling over Giguere’s $6-million contact. So I wonder who these “interesting sources” are? Burt the dog??

Let’s first take a look at the Flyers, Martin Biron’s contact is up this summer, and he plays like he’s continually improving. At a price of $3.5-million per season, they are getting their money’s worth. It’s likely that Biron will be extended to another similar contract. Honestly, with heavy and lengthy contacts to Briere, $6.5-million per season until 2015, Timonen, $6.33-million per season until 2013, and Richards, $5.75-million per season until 2019, it’s not like Philadelphia has a lot of cap-space to pick up another $6-million hit.

Most importantly, the only reason why they will drop Biron and sign Giguere is if they believe goaltending is their most imminent area of improvement. However, the reason for their failure in this year’s playoff lies more on lack-of-offense than their goaltending. Especially with a shut-out performance in game 2 by Biron, should the Flyers spend their cap on improving goaltending? This is of course assuming Giguere is a much better goaltender than Biron, $2.5-million better.

As for the Leafs, everyone knows that Burke is focusing on rebuilding the team from the bottom up, it doesn’t make sense for Toronto to add a $6-million goalie with a two-year contract this early on in their rebuilding, unless he is selling cap-space again!!! If I know Brian Burke at all, he will probably let Toskala ride out the remaining of his contract, meanwhile studying his performance to see if Vesa is the right person for their future.

But let’s for a minute, say that both the Flyers and the Leafs are looking for a goaltender, why not sign Manny Fernandez? The Bruins backup goaltender was previously paid $4.75-million per season, and at 34, he will probably take a slight pay-cut if he wishes to continue playing in the NHL.

Anyways, this is typical Eklund, he will make up any rumors just to start people talking about him, and I guess he succeeded by luring this blogger into writing this post.


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