Can we afford to NOT sign the Twins?


Yes, this is another article about the Twins.

With the Red Wings dominating the finals, again (yawn…), and the rumors front for the Canucks awfully quite, it seems like everyone is talking about the Twins.

Should we or shouldn’t we? What about Hossa? What about Gaborik? What about Bouwmeester?? But I think the real question is can we really afford NOT signing the twins??

Let’s take a look:

Despite what some people think (Hi Iceman), the Twins are the best forwards for the Canucks, right now. Both Sedins had a great regular season, with Henrik having a career-high in point totals at 82 points. Yes, that’s exactly a point a game total. Daniel also had exactly 82 points this season, scoring five less goals than his career-high but setting a new assist-record at 51 assists.

In the playoffs, the Sedins were much more noticable this season, they were fast, they were physical and they played smart hockey. Again, both Sedins scored 10 points in their 10 games in this year’s playoffs. In fact the twins were identical in terms of goals (4) and assists (6).

When people are saying about replacing the Sedins with top-end UFAs, are there really so many point-per-game UFAs out there that I’m unaware of??

Let’s say Gaborik is 100% healthy for the next few seasons, is he really gonna sign with us?? If he does, at what price?? $8-million?? Some is even suggesting US$10-million, but there’s no guarantee he will sign.

What about Hossa? If the Wings do capture the Cup this year, do you think he will sign back with the Wings at US$7.45-million?? Can Detroit afford it?? I don’t think so. If Hossa doesn’t sign with Detroit, he will most likely sign with the highest bidder, since he’d already achieve his goal. Will Vancouver be willing to sign Hossa at another $10-million??

Of course the answer is no, especially if the Canucks can’t keep the Sedins, Luongo might not consider re-signing with the team, then what’s there left to attract UFAs to sign with us, if there’s no chance for the team to win.

I mean, think about it, throughout the past decade, have the Canucks been able to sign any top-end UFAs, besides Sundin?? The only reason we are able to win that bid is because we were a contender. We had the Sedins, a deep corp of defensemen and Luongo, that’s why Mats chose us.

It’s difficult to see the picture clearly at this moment, simply because there’s this illusion that the Canucks have a decent shot at Hossa or Gaborik or Bouwmeester, and if we can sign these players, maybe we shouldn’t keep the Sedins. However, what are our chances of signing these players, who haven’t expressed any interests with Vancouver? On the other hand, what are our chances of re-signing the twins?? Two players who have their families in Vancouver and have openly said numerous times they want to be here.

If we can afford to sign Hossa or Gaborik at US$10-million, why can’t we spare $14-million for both the Twins? I’m sure if the offer is $7-million per player, they will sign immediately. I mean, either sign them cheaper at $6-million for seven years or US$7-million for three years.

Why do players always seem better when they are with another team? Think about it this way, if there’s a point-per-game UFA LW (top 5 in the league) out there, who’s only 28-yrs old, willing to sign with the Canucks at US$7-million for the next three years, would you want to sign him?

What about a perfect playmaker for this LW at the same price and same term, will you sign him as well? Are you willing to sign two 1st-liner at 7M each for three years if they tell you Vancouver is their first choice?

If so, why won’t you sign the Sedins? At least you know what you are getting. If you sign any other free agents, there’s still a big risk of them not welding with the team or lacking incentives in playing for Vancouver…etc, but with the Twins, you know what you are getting.

And the last point I’m gonna make is even simpler.

After eight seasons of waiting for the Twins to mature, the only two 1st rounders the Canucks ever had from the same draft, just when they are finally maturing into top-end performers, we let them walk for nothing??? Really???!!!

So, don’t be mistaken, when all the dust settles by September, you won’t find any Hossa, Gaborik, Cammalleri or Bouwmeester in the Canucks dressing room. You will only either see the Twins, or you don’t.


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