What’s going on?


If anyone is wondering how Mike Gillis can get from being a player’s agent to the CEO of the Canucks in only two years, I may have an answer now.

This guy has something down his sleeves, he’s got a plan, not one that I can understand, but I imagine he’s got something crazy brewing.

For starter, I don’t think anyone, including most GMs and Hockey commentators can understand the need for the abundance of third-line forwards. The Sedins, Burrows, Kesler, Demitra and Samuelsson will most likely play the top six. The bottom three will most likely be Johnson, Hordichuk and Rypien. That will leave only three vacancy for:

Kyle Wellwood
Mason Raymond
Steve Bernier
Jannik Hansen
Michael Grabner
Cody Hodgson

And if we don’t immediately assume Desbien, Glass and Pope are AHL-bound, we will need to add them to the list. Even if we don’t include Shirokov, Walsky, White or Shroeder, there are still a lot of players fighting for the third line.

Let’s not even get started on Gillis’ phone call to Mats Sundin…

What about our defense? Everyone is always talking about that puck-moving defenseman, but by my count, I don’t think there are a lot of them out there un-signed. Still, with Bieksa, Mitchell, Edler, Salo, SOB and Rome + Nycholat, I honestly don’t think we are in a lot of trouble, unless Salo re-injures himself early in the season. Otherwise, we still have some time to make a mid-season trade. (Assuming the team is doing well prior to trade-deadline)

So what’s Gillis’ plan for the US$3.4-million remaining in CAP? Let’s assume he will want at least US$1-million in buffer, just in case. The US$2.4-million doesn’t buy us a whole lot.

Then there’s the issue of re-signing our Star Captain. WHY is it taking so long??? Am I missing something? I mean, even if we increase Luongo’s salary to $8-million per season, the contract won’t kick in until next summer, why are we holding back on using the US$2.4-million?? Salary negotiation doesn’t take that long, especially for a franchise player like Luongo, the Canucks WILL spend that money!!!

So, again, what’s going on here? We have tons of third-line players, I don’t believe Gillis is planning on trading Hanser, Wellwood or Bernier, it’s going to be pretty stupid to just signed them and then trade them away, what does that say about the organization?

We won’t trade Hodgson, Grabner or Schnedier either, since Gillis has stressed so many times that the Canucks will focus very much on internal development. What does it say about your team, if you trade away the best three players of your youth-core.

It’s now pretty obvious Gillis isn’t planning on just taken up salary by signing a free agent. If he intends to do this, he wouldn’t have spend the $550K on Hansen until we’ve signed that defenseman. I mean we sure need another defenseman MORE than we need another third-liner, right??

If we look closely, who else out there fits our need? I could probably only think of Marc-Andre Bergeron. But if no teams have picked him up this late, he’s either got some un-disclosed problems, or he’s asking way too much.

So this leaves us with Raymond, and maybe one of our defenseman for a trade. But what is Gillis waiting for?? Who’s he targeting?

What’s going through Gillis’ mind??

Perhaps this is exactly the reason he’s made CEO. His un-orthodox approach in player selection, and his un-predictabilty may prove to be the key successful element for the Canucks in the near future.


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