Frolov for Demitra & O’Brien?


Oh oh oh!!!! This is getting very interesting, I’ve been getting Twits from Rogers about a possible Frolov trade in the making. Apparently Dean Lombardi has been trying to continue improving their defensive units. A 14th place finish in the Western Conference last season extends the Kings missing the playoffs six consecutive years.

With the addition of Ryan Smyth, their top unit of Smyth/Kopitar/Brown allows the Kings some room to improve other aspects of their game, namely their defense.

With Alexander Frolov entering his last year of his contract, at 27 Frolov has stated his wish to contend for the cup, Lombardi knows that if he is to shop his all-star left-winger, he can’t afford to wait until season begins.

With the recent acquisition of Ehrhoff, Lukowich and Schneider, Gillis has equipped his team with a lot of tradeable assets. Rumors are gathering steam on a deal that will bring Demitra back to Los Angeles, where he played during the 2005-2006 season. Also part of the deal is physical defenseman Shane O’Brien and a 2010 3rd rounder.

To Canucks:

Alex Frolov (UFA by 2010)

To Kings:

Pavol Demitra (UFA by 2010)
Shane O’Brien (RFA by 2010)
2010 3rd-rounder

This will actually reduce the salary hit on Canucks by $2.7-million. As I heard, the 3rd-rounder is compensatory for the cap absorption. The Kings currently sits about $8-million under the Cap.


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