How About a New Third Jersey?


Sundin_3rd Jersey Blue

Daniel_3rd Jersey Blue

Yes, I know that teams which have released their third jersey last season cannot change them again this year. But I am just not a big fan of the current third, it looks too much like the home jersey.

A lot of people have tried to suggest their own version of the third jersey. Here’s mine.

I think the main reason why some of the ideas out there isn’t that good looking is because of the helmet. A green jersey with a blue helmet just doesn’t look good. Both blue and green colors used by Canucks are considered sharp color, and having too much of both won’t look good. This is the reason why the current home jersey only includes a little bit of green.

I didn’t choose the Johnny Canuck logo because I think the “Rink” logo is actually pretty good, it also has a lot of heritage which is why it is a great idea to use it in the third jersey, just that the overall colors are too similar to the home jersey. I’ve also kept the blue-color rink, with tweaks to change the green border of the logo to blue.

I think a good third jersey should be eye-catching, it can be a bit crazy, because you only intend to wear them a few times. I agree that the green color can be a bit too much if we use it as a standard jersey design.

Don’t like it??!!!

How about the following variations? Tell me what you think.

third_jersey_blacks Sundin_3rd Jersey Blk_s

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