Unidentical Twins


I must first apologize for my lack of updates in the recent weeks, things at work have been pretty crazy this season.

Since my last update, it seems like things have been turning around for the Canucks. With one quarter of the team off due to injuries, everyone was expected to chip in, from the depleted lineup in Manitoba and Victoria to defense men playing forwards. The results were actually better than anyone could have expected.

The Canucks were 7-3 in the last 10 games, but was only 3-5 in the first 8 games.

Things may further improve as the team prepare for their upcoming game against the Blues on Tuesday in St. Louis. If nothing goes wrong from this point on, it looks like Daniel Sedin will be reunited with him twin brother on the ice for the first time since his injury almost one month ago.

For this first time in both Sedin’s career, this has been the longest injury they have to face, and if Daniel doesn’t suddenly score tons of goals unassisted, this may finally be the year the Twins will have drastically different points production.

Henrik and Daniel have never had more than 8 points difference in their annual point production, except for the 2003-2004 campaign when Daniel alone missed 6 games due to injury. In fact, ever since the lock-out, the twins have had near-identical point productions with a margin of less than 4 points every year.

However, as of today, Henrik leads the team with 8G 11A 19Pts, while Daniel, who played only 4 games so far, has 0G 4A 4Pts.

The differential may be even bigger in the upcoming few games, as Daniel recovering from his fracture foot injury will have to quickly catch up to his teammates and brother in terms of conditioning and scoring touch.

Aside from Daniel, Tuesday’s game may see the returning of two more forwards in Steve Bernier and Jannik Hansen. Roberto Luongo’s cracked rib seemed to be healing nicely, but is said to be under the flu, so look for either Raycroft or Schneider (both coming off great performances) to start.

Other players still listed as injured includes Pavol Demitra, Alex Bolduc, Michael Grabner and Mathieu Schneider.


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