Homecoming for Burrows and Luongo.

In tomorrow night’s game, the fans of Montreal will welcome back two of their hometown boys, both currently considered the best in their role.

Of course, captain Luongo always draw a lot of media attention whenever he is back in Montreal. After a shaky start against the Leafs the other night, in which he was pulled after the first period for allow three goals on eight shots, coach Alain Vigneualt is expecting Luongo to bounce back and have a great game in his hometwon.

The picture is a little bit different for Alex Burrows, who is considered one of the hottest player in the league right now. In fact, Burrows was just the player who bailed Luongo out with a four-point night against Toronto to extend Vancouver’s winning streak to seven.

Of course, many argue that Burrows is the sole beneficiary of the tremendous play-making abilities of the Sedin twins. Undeniably, a lot of the goals that Burrows scored are the direct results of the Sedins magical passes, at times it seems like anyone can score alongside the Twins, as long as he parks himself in front of the opposition goaltender.

But if you look closely at what Burrows brings to the team, and his influence on the Sedins, perhaps we will be able to see his true value. Just look at the last game against the Maple Leafs. The Canucks down 3-0 in the mid-way point of the game and down a man, Burrows singlehandedly stole the puck from Ponikarovsky and scored a shorthanded goal which completely turn the game around.

Surely you can’t say that’s because he plays with the Sedins, can you?

On the other hand, take a look at the influence Burrows has on the twins. Vigneualt’s experiment of Sedins-Burrows started around the mid-way point of last season, and if you watch closely, you can see the Sedins changing their game. They are more involved in the play, they are much more physical and they are taking advantage of their speed. Doesn’t that sound like the attributes of Burrows?

I am not saying that Burrows is solely responsible for the change of style for the Sedins, I am merely saying that playing alongside Burrows a while, his style kind of rubs off on the twins, a little bit.

Just that little bit seemingly is more than enough to turn the talented-but-mediocre twins into two of the very best player in the league.

To say the Sedins/Burrows line is the best line in the league right now is not an exaggeration. In the 13 games played during January, this top line has produced a whopping 69 points!!!

Henrik, for the first time in his career, leads the entire league in points with 78, two ahead of Ovechkin and seven ahead of Crosby. Not too bad eh?

Daniel, despite missing 18 games due to injury, has 16 goals and 35 assists. That’s 51 points in 36 games!!! Way ahead of the twins usual point-per-game season.

Burrows, is on pace to his best offensive season with 49 points in 54 games, but he ranks top overall in short-handed goals and second overall in terms of plus-minus with 30.

For the first time in a long time, the Canucks have 3 players in the top 30 point-getters in the entire league, and don’t forget the most important thing about Burrows:

At $2-million a year for three more season, at his current-pace Burrows should finish this season with about 74 points, and is by-far the cheapest 70-point forward you can find!!!


The Canucks with 70 points in 54 games, now sits comfortably atop the NW division, with four points ahead of the Avs. Vancouver has the most wins at home with 23, and the second fewest OT loss across the league. The team is still 8 points below the Chicago blackhawks and 11 points behind the top-ranked Sharks.


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